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Eczema On Hands, symptoms, Causes and treatment

Hands are a great blessing of God:

                   Eczema on hands is a very unforgetful disease. Hands are a great blessing of God for human beings. If a person has no hands, he/she feels that he/she has nothing.

Without Hands a person can’t do anything: 

                    Without hands, he/she can’t do anything. With the help of hands, a man can do each and everything. He/she can help others.
                   They can do each and everything with the help of hands. Because hands are a great tool of the mankind.

Hands are a tool of mankind:                                                    

                 Hands can do everything by own with the owner of a person. Works like: writing, usage of the cell phone, eating, drinking, wash the face, in taking bath, washing clothes, washing dishes, in dusting, in teaching, in learning, in driving bike+car+and other vehicles, and we use many like these things, we use hands in our daily routine. But the disease of eczema on hands can’t do anything with the help of our hands.

What is Hand Eczema:

         Hand Eczema is a disease, we can say that in other words like an allergy. Eczema is an allergy type disease that we can see as a red cluster of pimples. In this disease, you can feel allergy to these red clusters of pimples.

Cause of Eczema:

There are many causes of hand Eczema. This disease is mostly in peoples who work in cleaning, catering, hairdressing, healthcare and mechanical jobs where they come into contact with chemicals and other things like this. In this disease, you can not touch another person, or can not give anything with your hands. In this hand Eczema disease, the symptoms of hand Eczema can impact a person’s self-esteem and their ability to perform on the job.

Cause of Eczema
Cause of Eczema

Look of hand Eczema:

Eczema is due to itching and redness of the skin. But in some situation, Eczema on hand disease looks and act slightly different than others.

Look of hand Eczema
Look of hand Eczema

Symptoms of Hand Eczema:

 Some marks and symptoms of hand Eczema are:

  1. Allergy
  2. Dryness
  3. Pain
  4. Redness
  5. Itching 
  6. Cracks
  7. Blisters
  8. Red pimples
  9. Rashes
  10. Itchy blister on the palm of Hand

1:  Allergy:

Allergy is a disease. It appears when a person uses a dirty thing.He/She uses unclean things and not remain clean.

 Usage of dirty things can appear in the shape of Allergy. This allergy can be in red color and can appear on any part of the body. Hand allergy can appear on the palm of the hand and also on the backside of the hand

2:  Dryness:

Dryness is a major cause of Hand Eczema. In our daily routine, we use different things like soap, cleaning, washing, catering and many more activities. In these works, we use different types of things, detergents etc that became the cause of your hand’s dryness. This dryness became the main cause of hand Eczema.

3:  Pain: 

In hand Eczema, you can feel some pain due to the disease of Eczema. During Eczema disease you can see a cluster of red pimples on your palm and back of your hand. In this situation, you can feel some pain due to Eczema.

4: Redness:

During the disease of Hand Eczema, you can see the redness on the cluster of pimples on your palm and back of your hands. This disease is known as the red color of disease which can appear on any part of your body. You can also feel allergy due to dryness.

5: Itching:

In this disease, you can feel itching on your hand. You want to be itching on the red spot on your hands. Mostly you can feel itching in summer but during this disease, you can feel itching in any weather due to Eczema on your Hand.

6: Cracks:

 In the disease of hand Eczema, you have to face the cracks on your any part of your hand because of this disease can appear due to dryness. Intensive dryness can become the cause of Eczema on hand. And you can feel and see cracks on your hands.

7:  Rashes:

        Hand Eczema can appear mostly in the period of childhood, adulthood and in any period of age. In childhood, mothers use different moisturizes and different creams for their babies to keep their baby’s skin fresh and glow. Sometimes you can see rashes on your hands due to the usage of different creams.

8: Itchy blisters on Hand:

  As the above conditions in Hand Eczema, You can see or feel Itchy blisters on your palm and back of your hand. Sometimes Eczema can appear in the group of pimples and sometimes in itchy blisters on your pretty hand.

How to treat Hand Eczema?

This is the main question that how we can treat Hand Eczema. If we follow some things in Hand Eczema like:

  •  Aloe Vera gel
  •  Apple Cider Vinger
  •  Use Bleach in Bathroom
  •  Use Coconut Oil
  •  Use Natural Honey
  •  Use Lukewarm Water

What is Home Remedies for Eczema on Hand:

Wash Hands in Lukewarm Water for 5 to 10 minutes and pat them dry.
Use petroleum-based Jelly and Lotion over your Hands.
Put gloves during this disease.
Use Glycerin type Ointment on your cracked hands and fingers.
Wear Gloves for almost half an hour.

Food In Hand Eczema you can’t take:

  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Garlic

I wanna give you my all information. I have to write down about the disease of Hand Eczema. You can get information about all related to Eczema. Thank you for your reading.

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